NEW MINI REVIEW: Effectiveness of Structure Based Rational Design (SBRD) for Various Applications

Mini Review: Effectiveness of Protein Structure Based Design (SBDD) in Drug Discovery: A Style and Approach that has proven to be Very Successful

An example of the use of Structure Based Protein Engineering to understand key protein-substrate interactions.

Rationalized Deirected Evolution - Other examples of the use of protein mutation Analysis.

An example of clinical candidate from our SBDD expertise: Telaprevir(VX-950)-a mega HCV drug approved by FDA in May, 23rd 2011

  • Telaprevir currently is on phase III clinical trial to test its luck for a blockbuster drug...more
  • Telaprevir added value to its company and is a multi-billion dollar drug after approved...learn more
  • Telaprevir-a powerful anti-HCV drug
  • Telaprevir-a low cost and high efficacy drug among HCV treatments
  • Despite of current newer anti-HCV drug competition and replacement in the market, due to the side effect of other component of the cocktail drug Incivek, as a key component, Telaprevir is still an extreme potent oral HCV inhibitor.
  • The Rational Design services through Rebexsess Discovery Chemistry has helped clients in following aspects:

  • Rapidly finding problems in client projects and providing the solutions moving forward for various industrial applications
  • Delivered the results for proof of concept-successfully raised funding for startup companies
  • Made breakthrough in the projects-increased stock value for client companies
  • Revitalized stalled project-added values to a client company
  • The result from prove-of-concept service has provided a successful service model for Startup fund raising, which convincingly proved that Rebexsess' service is truly cost-effective and time efficient for helping VC fundraising in various industries. Rebexsess has also provided external insights and expertise to the internal groups of well-established biotech/pharmaceutical clients revitalizing their scientific creativity and moving their project forward.